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Christina Elias evokes the orixás in a double presentation at Galpão do Sesc Pompéia (São Paulo).

Event is an integral part of the Projeto Lonjuras project.

Performance and visual artist Christina Elias presents the performance "WRITING WITH IANSÃ" on November 22, 2023 (Wednesday), from 6pm to 10pm, at Galpão do Sesc Pompéia, São Paulo. She presented "WRITING WITH EXU" last Friday, November 17, 2023. The performances are part of the Lonjuras Project - organized by Ricardo Muniz Fernandes, which takes place between November 17 and 26, 2023 at the unit, bringing together diverse artists and thinkers.

EXU in Candomblé and Umbanda is the entity that connects everything - a bridge between good and evil, right and wrong, the material and the abstract, the human and the divine, always bringing movement and transformation, Exu is the key that open everything. IANSÃ, female entity, warrior of the winds, rain and thunder, controls weather phenomena representing the strength of the Feminine. Her name has Yoruba origins and means “mother of nine children”. Having learned a lot about war from Ogum and Xangô, Iansã always accompanies the warriors in battles – “she wasn’t born to stay at home”.

Since 2011, with the work HERE AND THERE [OR SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN] (video, installation, performance, Radialsystem Berlin, 2011) and others that followed such as the series of ONE MINUTE DIARIES (video, Festival Verbo/Galeria Vermelho, 2015) and the performances MUSIC BOX (Paço das Artes SP, Studio Stefania Miscetti Roma, 2017, Festival Lux de performances SP, 2022) and ABSENT BODY (CLAREIRA, MAC-USP, 2021), the artist's research has addressed the written and spoken text from a different perspective of creating meaning: text as image, text as sound, text as movement or gesture, text as drawing, text as clothing or skin. The focus is not exactly what is written but also how it is written and what writing generates in the comprehensible-sensible world. WRITING WITH EXU and WRITING WITH IANSÃ are expansionS of this practice in which an extended horizontality is drawn in space suggesting the possibility of infinite places.

Portugal and art auction

The artist presents the performance "BY A THREAD", on December 15, 2023, at the festival organized by NOWHERE LISBOA, in partnership with Lisbon City Council. She participated in the 7th edition of the Iabsp (Brazilian Institute of Architects – São Paulo) Annual Auction, which had its online auction on November 18, 2023. The event, organized by Central Galeria, is in partnership with auctioneer James Lisboa. This year, the auction featured works by around 84 artists, who kindly donated their works for 70% of the market value. Last April, Elias presented the performance "MUSIC BOX", in the Plataforma Conexões project at the MMUSEUM OF PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE (MLP São Paulo), which took place in the Central Lobby of Estação da Luz, in the central region of São Paulo.

About the artist

Visual artist and performer. São Paulo, 1978. Working on the border between visual arts, dance and literature, she explores the tensions that arise from the encounter between text and movement, body and object, nature and culture, materiality and spirituality. Performance, in christina's art, expands to other means as process and poetics: screens, photography, video, installation, textile objects are expansions of her practice and discourse of the body, which is constructed from principles of contemporary dance and Butoh. With a master's degree in movement studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London) and a degree in literature from the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin), since 2011, she has carried out several artistic projects, solo and relational, in museums, galleries and centers cultural activities in Brazil, where he currently lives, such as Museu da Língua Portuguesa, MAM-SP, MIS-SP, MAC-USP, Paço das Artes SP, MARP, MUNA among others, and in Europe, where he lived, worked and studied for 14 years , such as MAXXI Roma, Studio Stefania Miscetti Roma, Radialsystem, Uferstudios, Ada Studio Berlin among others. Festivals: SheDevil Women's Video Art Festival (Rome, 2018), Plataforma (Berlin, 2013 and 2015), Dança em Foco (Rio de Janeiro, 2016), MIRADA – Ibero-American Festival of Performing Arts (SESC SANTOS, 2022), among others. Paço das Artes 2018 project season and MARP 2020 exhibition season. Awards: FUNARTE MULHERES NA ARTES VISUALS 2013. ALDIR BLANC VISUAL ARTS BY CAREER HISTORY 2020. FUNARTE RESPIRARTE 2020. Collections: Luciano Benetton, MAC/USP (Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo), MARP (Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto) and MUNA/UFU (University Art Museum of the Federal University of Uberlândia).


"WRITING WITH IANSÃ" performances by body artist Christina Elias

Lonjuras project

day: November 22, 2023 (Wednesday), 6pm to 10pm

location: Galpão do Sesc Pompéia

clélia street, 93

São Paulo - SP - 05042-000


price: free

age range: free

social media

Christina Elias: @christina_elias_art

Sesc Pompéia: @sescpompeia

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