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one minute diaries

In this series of mini video performances, the written or spoken text works as a soundtrack for the visual narrative, trying to concentrate several pages of a diary into audiovisual works lasting approximately one minute. This is a critique of the demands of a consumer society in which everything must be reproducible, marketable, capable of appropriation and, above all, function as an economic good - including the self. The one-minute diary reproduces the conception of time in capitalism that suggests consuming as many items as possible within a limited space of time. Fast, express consumption.

diário n. 1: buscando segundos - Berlim, 2014

diário n. 2: may I please forgive myself - Berlim, 2014.

diário n. 3: realidade por nascer - Berlim, 2015.

diário n. 4: livre - São Paulo, 2016.

diário n. 5: objetos da vida cotidiana - São Paulo, 2018.

diário n. 6: por de bras - São Paulo, 2023.

diário n. 7: a filha mal guardada - São Paulo, 2023.

diário n. 8: enlouquecendo por dentro - São Paulo, 2023.

diário n. 9: sustentar a existência - São Paulo, 2023.

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