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Christina Elias brings exhibition “The words and the viscera” to Lona Galeria

The exhibition, open between August 5th and September 16th, 2023, includes works by the visual and performance artist who works on the thresholds between the body and language to speak of the absurdity of our existence, made of viscera and words.

Lona Galeria is promoting the exhibition “The words and the viscera”, by artist Christina Elias, from August 5th (Saturday) at 1pm. The curatorship is by Icaro Ferraz Vidal Junior.

Inspired by the fields of performance and contemporary dance, Christina Elias creates works in different media that occupy three-dimensional space and are structured around the body and image. Her creative process builds bridges between visual arts, dance and literature.

In “The words and the viscera”, the artist mixes a series of wearable textiles, combined with photography, video and installation. It is in this creative context that Christina Elias approaches the way she sees the feminine. Her works are full of life, pulsating elements that easily engage those who observe them and fulfill the role of raising awareness about art.

“In the fine articulation that operates between the body, the house and language, Christina Elias constructs a work that refuses discursivity and denunciation as political operators of her poetics that is, nevertheless, less feminist. Without neglecting the responsibility implied in the artistic gesture of bringing new images and objects to the public sphere, Elias opts for the development of strategies that allow us to grope for the absurdity of our existence, made up of viscera and words. The house is a residue: instinct and language.”, states the exhibition curator.

The exhibition, which runs until September 16th, features 20 works and proposes a visit in a circular format, with no indication of beginning nor end. It is an invitation to come into contact with other conceptions of the feminine from the artist's perspective.

About Christina Elias:

The artist's creative process builds bridges between visual arts, dance and literature. Performance is the starting point for the creation of objects that can materialize in different media such as drawing, photography, video, installation. She won awards such as Funarte Women in Visual Arts and Temporada de Projetos do Paço das Artes and exhibited in several museums, galleries and festivals in Brazil, Europe, USA and Canada. Master's degree in Movement Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London), PhD in Design from Anhembi Morumbi University (São Paulo), member of the Center for Oriental Studies Puc/SP.


Words and viscera

Exhibition by Christina Elias

Curated: Ícaro Ferraz Vidal

Location: Lona Galeria

Address: Rua Brigadeiro Galvão, 990 – Barra Funda

From August 5th to September 16th

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, from 1pm to 5pm

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