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PELE in the collection MAC/USP

It is with great pride that I close this year of 2022 announcing that PELE (video-performance) is now part of the MAC-USP (Museum of Conteporary Art of the University of Sao Paulo) collection.

What is the skin that dresses me?

Does the I end at the limits of my visible outline?

In the video-performance PELE, developed from (de)choreographic principles of Butoh, the boundaries between skin and environment, inside and outside, self and non-self, past and present, object and subject, action and representation are blurred. The action consists of moving from within, from without, with, against, through things that are apparently felt to be external, such as space, light and sound, clothes, and, on a wider spectrum, my own skin.

PELE was presented at ARTECH - FESTIVAL DE ARTE E TENOLOGIA (Braga, Portugal - curated by Priscila Arantes @priscila.a.c.arantes ) and inspired the creation of the performance ABSENT BODY (At night I cry) performed with the artist César Meneghetti @cesar_meneghetti_studio in the CLAREIRA project (MAC-USP, 2021, curated by Ana Magalhães @anagoncalvesmagalhaes and Marta Bogea @bogeamarta).

This work was born at the end of my Doctoral research "The body and its/my remains" (2020, oriented by Priscila Arantes, PPG Design – UAM) in which I reflected on the body's function as a space of passage available for the happening of various events. This reflection - based on the idea of Ma of Japanese aesthetics as an empty space however filled with potentiality - led me to an understanding of skin that goes beyond the organic conception of the epidermis.

PELE é tudo o que me rodeia. A porosidade, ou vulnerabilidade, como a sua principal força. Pelos poros da pele passam fluidos, informações – de fora para dentro, de dentro para fora... A pele nos liga ao meio, ao outro criando um espaço de passagem e troca, de relação. A Pele, nessa visão metafórica, pode englobar aquilo que eu visto, os tecidos que me escondem ou recriam, os meus gestos, posturas, os olhares que me vestem, as narrativas que compõem os meus contornos...

Skin is all that surrounds me. Porosity, or vulnerability, as its main force. Through the pores of the skin fluids and information pass from the outside in, from the inside out... The skin connects us to the environment, to the others, creating a space of passage and exchange: of relationship. The skin, in this metaphorical vision, can encompass what I wear, the fabrics that hide or recreate me, my gestures, postures, the looks that dress me, the narratives that make up my contours... It was from this idea that several other later works were developed, such as the video performances Carmen (2020 – MARP collection, ) and Toda mulher (Women Essence, Musa Arts Space, UNESCO, Roma, 2020,2020, ), the textile objects of the exhibition The book of time (LUX Espaço de Arte São Paulo (2022, text Sylvia Werneck and Camilla Marchiori) as well as my current research focused on text as clothing and makeup as narrative. Themes and practices for 2023...

For a more detailed reflecytion upon this themes and work, please access the article I published at DANZA E RICERCA Arts Department of the Bologna University (Italy):

I wish you all a happy Christmas and a new year of 2023 fileed with positive, empatic, solidary and constructive acts and happenings! PELE (video performance, 2019) Christina Elias Camera and montage: Karla da Costa @karlamvcosta Dress: Cecilia Echenique @ceciliaechenique.wear

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